Othello with KimberClyde

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July 30, 2020  

Othello with KimberClyde the Tadataka Maehata Interview

In this episode KimberClyde goes to Japan to take a look at the business of Othello during a visit with Tadataka Maehata the head of licensing at Megahouse who owns the rights to Othello.  We also get the inside story on pizza in Japan.

July 23, 2020  

Othello with KimberClyde the Anders Kierulf Interview

KimberClyde visits with Anders about the early days of Othello online and how it developed.  Here are a couple of examples of early Othello computer programs from KimberClyde.com:  https://www.kimbercturner.com/othello-with-kimberclyde.html

July 16, 2020  

Othello with KimberClyde the Jacky Fu Interview

KimberClyde takes a trip up to Toronto, Canada for a visit with Canadian Othello Champion Dr. Jacky Fu.

July 9, 2020  

Othello with KimberClyde the Brian Rose Interview

KimberClyde makes a couple announcements about the upcoming tournament then introduces the guest interviewee for the day....Brian Rose.  Most of us have read the book on Othello by Brian Rose and a link to a free download of it is on the Othello with KimberClyde page at: KimberClyde.com if you haven't gotten a copy yet.

July 2, 2020  

Othello with KimberClyde the Jerry Hai Interview

KimberClyde covers a few changes in Buy Me A Coffee and interviews Jerry Hai an Othello player from Denver who is studying to be a doctor and who has won the Canadian Championship.

June 25, 2020  

Othello with KimberClyde the Benkt Steentoft Interview

KimberClyde introduces Buy Me a Coffee as he covers mail and the news and has a wonderful conversation with one of the hardest working people in the world of Othello, Benkt Steentoft the secretary of the WOF.  

June 18, 2020  

Othello with KimberClyde the Daniel Turunen Interview

KimberClyde outlines a not-so-good way to help your favorite players win their tournament games and shares his visit with Daniel Turunen from Sweden.

June 11, 2020  

Othello with KimberClyde the Daniel Olivares interview.

Join KimberClyde for a review of a popular app for playing Othello and an interview with Daniel Olivares one of the top players in Argentina.  It's Othello with KimberClyde the podcast for Othello and Reversi players that is heard around the world.

June 4, 2020  

Othello with KimberClyde and Two time Singapore champion Alex Koh.

Our Othello Fellow guest interviewee for this episode is two time Singapore champion Alex Koh.  We're also going to take a look at and discuss his YouTube channel Othello Academy.  Join the disc flipping frenzy in this episode of Othello with KimberClyde.

May 28, 2020  

Othello with KimberClyde Ben Seeley Interview

In this episode we visit with two time U.S. and world Othello champion Ben Seeley.